What is Antibody testing ?

What is Antibody testing ?

What is Antibody testing ?

What is Antibody testing?

When someone is infected with a Virus  (or any other infectious agent), our body's immune system produces antibody to fight against the infection. Similarly in Covid infection, our body produces Antibodies to fight against infection and they last in the body for several months to years


Is this test a replacement for RT PCR test?

No RT PCR test is a confirmatory test for diagnosing infection. Antibody test is used to check your immune status against the infection. The two are totally different.


If test is positive, what does it mean?

It means that you must have been exposed to COVID sometime back with or without your knowledge and now your body has developed immunity against the infection and you are having antibodies  It gives a confidence that your body has power to face it  


If test is negative what does it mean?

It means that you have not come in exposure to Covid Virus so far.


Does a positive result also mean that I may be infected now ?

If you are positive for antibody and if you are also not having symptoms, it may indicate that you had encountered it and you managed it well

However,  if you have symptoms related to COVID you must meet your doctor for a need of a PCR test


What is the test that Thyrocare doing ?

Thyrocare does Covid Antibody IgG using ELISA technology and Covid Antibody Total using CLIA technology.

We ask client to choose what they want if they under  Both are done using ICMR approved kits and procedures


Do we need doctor's prescription ?

No. It can be self referred. Also no need for fasting  what we need is 2 ml blood  please note it is not a swab test